Ecclesiastical Refinishing Group also specializes in historical restoration and design of commercial and residential properties, exterior and interior. Please scroll down for examples of some recent projects.


Trailhead, 262 Princess Street

Years prior in order to modernizes the store front a large steel beam was installed to transverse the entire width of the building. In order to carry the weight of the above structure the two end columns were smashed through in order to insert the beam. What resulted after the existing façade was removed were two broken up end columns. We rebuild the columns from the ground up, casting the missing decorative oak and maple leaves and painted a stunning schema to highlight the remarkable details of this building. Ecclesiastical Refinishing Group won two Heritage awards for this project.


Smith Robinson Building, 27 Princess Street

The owner after doing an extensive restoration wanted and old style distressed sign painted on an interior lobby brick bulkhead, liking this he applied with the local heritage committee to paint another one on the exterior limestone. Silicate mineral paints were used.


80 Princess Street

After a piece of soffit fell, the owner hired us to repair the parapet with a new roof and soffit and to re-point the face of the building. Numerous years ago the store front façade was removed and replaced with a incongruous pink brick and large arches. Using three stains we were able to match the brick colour to the above stories and with extrusion exterior foam place hoods and keystones over the arches to match the windows above. A cornice was added above and all extruded foam was painted to look like limestone. E.R.G. won two heritage awards for this project.


James Reid, 250-256 Princess Street

James Reid requested a new colour schema for their non-historical designated building and a re-paint of the historical side building. The historical side had faux crotch mahogany on the inset panels which was painted over and replicated.


H&R Block, 82 Princess Street

H&R Block wanted an updated store exterior. However once the existing signage was removed it revealed an exposed steel beam placed  years ago to allow for a modern open store front and support the structure above. The stone above the beam was rubble right up to the removed second floor window sills. Below the beam was plywood covering a gaping hole in which extended to the rear of the building. We replaced the window sills with limestone, removed most of the rubble stone with cut limestone in ashlar style, covered the beam with an extrusion foam cornice and two corbels at each end. Below the beam dens glass was secured over the hole and faux sculpted limestone was painted to match surrounding stone.


234 Princess Street

With the parapet needing repair and the cornice having water infiltration, it was decided to put a roof over the parapet and attach it to the cornice ensuring water tightness. A distressed refinishing gave the cornice and capitals a stone like appearance.


Private Residence


The decorative frieze was stripped and 23 carat gold leaf was applied. The dome was repainted.


Private Residence

Years of water infiltration damaged two corners of this beautiful cornice. Sections were removed, casting material was applied to a well preserved section. A mold was created and poured with an epoxy resin. Aligned and secured, painted with touches of gold leaf, revived this outstanding cornice work.


Private Residence

Venetian  plaster mixed with acrylic gold and a surrounding stencil finished off the dome. Matching the marble steps, we faux marbled  the  circular staircase.


Kingston Brewing Company Banquet Hall

Using the logo of this company’s Dragon Breath Ale, a frieze and ceiling stencil was designed with a beer and wine theme. Although not a large room, there were 2400 pattern layovers and 950-man hrs to completion.


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